FAQ Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last update: August 16th, 2022 - 14:00.

We keep a close eye on the developments surrounding the corona virus and will update the information below if necessary. The health and safety of our customers always comes first, we don't want to put anyone at risk unnecessarily.

Estivotravel uses the following flexible booking conditions with regard to COVID-19:

  • Refund in case of quarantine duty advice or lockdown because of Covid-19
  • Rebook without additional costs to another destination
  • Early bird discount will still apply if the booking is changed
  • We ask for a 30% down payment within 14 days, and the remainder 4 weeks before departure
  • If your travel destination has a quarantine duty advice at that time, you may postpone the remaining payment until 2 weeks before arrival

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Frequently Asked Questions

What measures apply in the country where I am going on holiday?
Please use the advice from the government from your own country.

What measures apply at the campsite I have booked?
The campsites have drawn up protocols to ensure the safety of its guests. For the specific measures per campsite, we would like to refer you to the website of the campsite itself. 

When will I be informed if my trip cannot take place due to a quarantine duty of lockdown?
We keep a close eye on the developments and will contact you no later than 2 weeks before departure.

What if I want to cancel my trip myself?
If you want to cancel your trip, there will be costs applicable.

  • If cancelled till the 28th day before the travel day: 30% of the travel sum
  • If cancelled from the 28th day till the 14th day before the travel day: 60% of the travel sum
  • If cancelled from the 14th day till the 7th day before the travel day: 75% of the travel sum
  • If cancelled from the 7th day till the arrival day: 90% of the travel sum
  • If cancelled at the arrival day or later: the total travel sum (100%)

*In case you have paid with a voucher, you will receive a new voucher. Valid until 31-10-2022.

I have to quarantine and therefore cannot travel, can I cancel free of charge?
If you need to be quarantined, but have not tested positive yourself and therefore cannot travel, this is not a valid reason to cancel free of charge. Of course we can always think along with you to rebook your holiday to another date. Please contact us if this is the case, we will look at the possibilities together.

Can I cancel my trip free of charge if I or my travel companions have tested positive?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. In that case, contact your cancellation insurance. For many insurance companies, a positive test is a valid reason to reimburse the cancellation costs. We therefore advise you to always take out cancellation insurance. Pay close attention to the applicable conditions surrounding Covid-19.

I want to cancel my trip because otherwise I will have to be quarantined at the destination or when I return home. Is that possible?
A quarantine requirement, upon arrival or at home, issued by the government of the country where you live, or by the country of your destination, is considered negative travel advice. The advice is not to travel to your destination. In case of negative travel advice you can rebook or cancel your holiday free of charge.

I have not been vaccinated yet, can I go on holiday?
It is not yet clear whether countries can refuse tourists if they do not have a vaccination certificate. We also do not know whether this may actually be required. Only when more is known about this can we take a position on this.

I have not been vaccinated (yet) and therefore do not want to go on holiday, can I cancel free of charge?
No, this is not a valid reason to cancel free of charge. In case you cancel your booking, our regular cancellation conditions apply. View a complete overview of our travel conditions here.

Can I get compensation if not all facilities are available on the campsite?
No, we do not provide compensation if it appears that the facilities are (partly) unavailable.

I still have a Corona voucher. How can I redeem my voucher?
When you  make your booking through our website, you can write the code of your voucher in the remarks. We will make sure to redeem the voucher at your booking.