Estivotravel is tree partner


At Estivotravel, we want to contribute our part when it comes to sustainability. Although we love holidays, we know that travelling is not usually considered environmentally friendly. So we asked ourselves: how can we contribute to a greener world?

We found the answer with Trees for All, a partner that shares our vision. Trees for All plants trees, restores forests and promotes awareness about the importance of trees. Through a donation, Estivotravel supports this mission, planting dozens of trees both at home in the Netherlands and abroad.

We have already donated 300 trees to two projects:

Climate-resilient forests in the Netherlands

Trees for All plants trees throughout the Netherlands. These may be new forests on former agricultural land, but they may also be restoring diseased forests. They therefore plant native tree species that naturally belong in the environment. In doing so, they go for different types of trees and shrubs. This creates a varied forest that can take a beating and is resistant to climate change.

Tropical rainforest on Sulawesi, Indonesia

On Sulawesi, Indonesia, Trees for All is planting trees to transform monotonous grassland back into tropical rainforest. This rainforest is home to dozens of animal species found nowhere else in the world. Unfortunately, about 80% of their habitat has been rapidly deforested. Thanks to Trees for All, this unique ecosystem is being restored, which also benefits the local population.

You too can make a difference!

For just €5, you can plant a tree. Soon you will be able to decide how many trees you want to plant on our website while booking your holiday. Have you already booked and still want to donate? Then get in touch with us! Together with you, we hope to make a positive contribution to the climate.

Pictures: Trees for All