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Estivo Travel is a trade name of Estivo Travel B.V. (CoC 73231959). Estivo Travel B.V. acts as a sale agent for foreign tour operators. Destinations in Italy are offered and executed by Estivo Travel B.V. Dutch law applies to travel agreements. At the conclusion of a travel contract, this is realized between you and the person carrying out the trip and you immediately agree with the Privacy Policy. The 2021 offer on our website is valid for new reservations from 1st October 2020. Our offer is subject to the Estivo Travel Booking Conditions.

Estivo Travel B.V.
Estivo Travel is a new organization in the business market for luxury camping holidays. As you possibly notices, Estivo Travel is not connect to ANVR and SGR already. We understand that this is important and we are working on a registration. Moreover it is possible to book your camping holiday (only Estivo Premium and Estivo Mirage accommdations) with SGR guaranty. If you want this, you can contact us by telephone.

Article 1: Payments and cancellation
For new bookings for 2021, we require a deposit of 30%. You can pay the first payment or the total travel sum directly when booking via credit card or bank transfer. You can also choose to pay later. After booking, you receive a booking confirmation with a date for which the first payment must be received. The rest of the payment must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the arrival date. If the travel agreement is concluded within 4 weeks before departure, the entire payment must be paid immediately. If payments are not made within the set period, the tour operator has the right to cancel the reservation and the  booker is liable for the cancellation costs. If an agreement is cancelled, the traveler will owe the following costs:

  • If cancelled up to 1 May: free of charge
  • If cancelled from 1 May till the 28th day before the travel day: 30% of the travel sum
  • If cancelled from the 28th day till the 14th day before the travel day: 60% of the travel sum
  • If cancelled from the 14th day till the 7th day before the travel day: 75% of the travel sum
  • If cancelled from the 7th day till the arrival day: 90% of the travel sum
  • If cancelled at the arrival day or later: the total travel sum (100%)

In case you have moved your 2020 booking to 2021, and you have to cancel this booking, it can be cancelled without costs before 1st of May. However, cancellation costs of 30% on you cancelled 2020 booking will be applied when cancelling the booking. In case you cancel after the 1st of May 2021, we will apply the regular cancellation conditions, which you can find in the general conditions. 

Cancellations by traveler must always be confirmed in writing. It is not possible, in case of cancellation, to transfer amounts which are already paid to a booking for the following year.

Article 2: Early booking discount
Bookings for 2021 can be cancelled without costs before 1st of May, 2021. In case of a change, the early booking discount will be applicable until 1st of May 2021. In case of a cancellation, the prepayment will be refunded. When you have paid your 2021 holiday with a voucher and you wish to cancel this booking, you will receive a new voucher. Valid until 31-10-2022. 

Article 3: Refund in case of negative travel advice or lockdown because of Covid-19
In case you holiday can’t continue, because of;

  • The government has given a negative travel advice (code orange or red)
  • On the arrival day you are staying in an area that is in lockdown
  • Your booked campsite or accommodation is closed due to corona

In these cases, from 2 weeks before arrival, we will give you the following 3 options, in case your booking has not been changed the last 2 weeks:

  • Rebook to another destination and/or date*
  • Voucher for the paid amount
  • Refund of the paid amount

*Not applicable for rebooked 2020 holidays

Article 4: The voucher 
If we had to cancel your booking for 2020 because of Covid, we have offered you a voucher. This voucher is valid for 1 year from the issue date and can be used for all destinations of the Estivotravel. You can use the voucher to book your new holiday within a year after the issue date. Arrival date of the new booking has to be before 31st of December 2021. 

Article 5: Discounts and last minutes
Estivo Travel reserves the right to offer discount through last minute actions to those who book a trip from that moment onwards. You are not entitled to a refund if a holiday booked by you is offered for a lower amount later, by getting a discount or special offer.

Article 6: Changes made by the client
Changes that result in an increase in the rent or where the rent remains the same are in principle free of charge. If the change is possible, it will be confirmed by e-mail. In case of a change, the original early booking discount will remain until 1st of May, 2021. Changes that result in a lower travel sum are considered as a part cancellation. The cancellation conditions are applicable for this (Article 1 Payments and cancellation). You can extend your stay at the campsite if the accommodation is still available. You can arrange this via the campsite manager or by contacting Estivo Travel. It is not possible to claim on early booking discount or other applicable actions.

Article 7: Mandatory final cleaning
Final cleaning is mandatory in Estivo Premium & Mirage mobile homes (€60,-) and the Premium Mobile Homes at Park Umag and Lanterna (€40,-). You pay the costs when booking. The cleaning costs for Santa Marina are €40,- and have to be paid on spot. 

Article 8: Accommodation availability and deposit
At the mobile homes Estivo Premium, Estivo Elegante and Estivo Mirage Forest, the mobile home is available from 3 p.m. The other mobile homes or lodge tents are available from 4 p.m. On the day of departure you must leave your mobile home or lodge tent by 10 a.m. at the latest. For late arrival or earlier departure than reserved, no refund will be made for unused accommodation. If we unexpectedly cannot offer the reserved accommodation due to force majeure, you will be notified immediately. If possible, an equivalent alternative is offered without affecting the travel sum. If you do not wish to make use of this, all money paid will be refunded immediately. The deposit of € 100 must be paid in cash on the spot.

Article 9: About the use of the accommodations
The prices on the website are based on the maximum number of people that can stay in the accommodation. There is no surcharge on the prices you see on the website.
Guests must use and maintain the property with care. It is possible that tents and mobile homes in the implementation have minor differences. Pitches can have different sizes or shapes (also on the same campsite). We reserve the right to recover with them any damages and/or loss of our property that has been made available to its guests. If damage and/or loss is detected, this must be reported immediately to the campsite staff member. The campsite staff member will ensure that the shortcoming is rectified as soon as possible.
The person who books the trip for other participants is jointly and severally liable for all others that he/she registers. If the maximum number of persons allowed is exceeded, there is a possibility that access to the accommodation will be refused. We do not accept any responsibility for this. The holidays are based on a family, travelling with one car. If this is deviated from, this can cause problems. The risk and any costs are for the applicant. It is not always possible to park your car at the accommodation, but the car has to be parked at the central parking.
The travel organization does not accept young people under 18 without supervision in their accommodations. The organization reserves the right to refuse alternative reservations without giving reasons. We do not accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury to tenants and users of the accommodation offered via the travel provider.
Use of a safe at the campsite is at the risk of the tenant, the travel organization can not be held liable for theft and damage from the available lockers. Users of the accommodations must respect the rules of conduct, which have been established by the campsite owner. In case of violation, the campsite and the tour operator have the right to refuse access to the grounds/accommodation.

Article 10: Rules concerning pets
Pets are allowed on request in several accommodations. You will find this information on the website or you can ask us. If you bring a pet into an accommodation or a campsite without any permission, the travel provider reserves the right to refuse access to the campsite of accommodation. If you bring your pet, you should always bring a vaccination certificate from your pet, so that it can be shown on the campsite (on request).

Article 11: About camping facilities
Site owners may be forced not to make all amenities, such as swimming pool, entertainment or shops, fully available or even keep cloes during the (early) pre-season and in the (late) late season. It is possible that this happens without informing us. The mentioned opening dates of swimming pools and animation are subject to change. Swimming shorts are not always allowed in some swimming pools and on some campsites wearing a swimming cap is mandatory. The information on the website has been compiled with great care. We are not responsible for changed regulations during the holiday season. In addition, we are not responsible for outside influences such as on-site construction activities, weather conditions, vermin, noise pollution and the operation of camping facilities (like WIFI, swimming pool). For some facilities or activities of the campsite a (small) contribution may apply.

Article 12: Visual material
Placed photos and drawings serve to give an impression of the destination and/or accommodation. No rights can be derived from this. The travel provider reserves the right to use all photo and video material made available to the travel provider (via email, Facebook or any other form) for commercial purposes such as websites, brochures and such.

Article 13: Travel documents
You are responsible for having the valid travel documents (including the children) that are required for your destination. The travel provider accepts no liability for the consequences arising from not being in possession of the correct travel documents.

Article 14: Travel documents
After we have received your full payment we will send you the travel documents by e-mail. You  must print these travel documents and take the printed version with you to your holiday address. Showing your travel documents on a phone or tablet is not accepted by every campsite. Without valid travel documents you may be refused entry to the accommodation and/or campsite.

Article 15: Preferences
If you are going on holiday with two or more families, you may want to stay next to each other. Or you prefer a shady place, or close to the pool. You must specify a preference when you book your holiday. Of course we do our best to comply with your request. However, we can not guarantee that your preference can actually be made.
To stand together with several families, you can book the next to each other guarantee (= a paid preference). For the next to each other guarantee you pay EUR 30 per accommodation. Underneath each other we also understand accommodations opposite eacht other, with their backs against each other, diagonally opposite, etc. There must be no accommodation between you and the other family.

Article 16: Complaints
We do our best to prevent complaints, but it can happen that you are not satisfied. If you have a complaint, report this directly to our campsite staff member. The employee will, if possible, try to find an acceptable solution. If, in your opinion, your complaint is not resolved sufficiently, you should contact the office where you booked. If this does not lead to a satisfied solution, you can submit your complaint to us in writing or by e-mail within 1 mont after returning home. Complaints submited after 1 month can no longer be processed.

For situations that are not described in these travel conditions, the management decides.

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