Welcome to Estivotravel, we are proud to welcome you in our world of luxury camping holidays. Estivotravel is a new camping tour operator, with a small team at our office in Breda. We work hard to realize the best camping holiday for you. After the establishment in November 2018, we experienced a very promising first season in 2019. This has been a good basis for further growth. After our expansion in 2020, 2021 and 2022 we add our Estivo Premium mobile home at camping Malibu Beach at the Adriatic Coast!

Estivo does not just sound like summer, it als means summer in Italian, perhaps our most favorite holiday destination. It is not accidental that you will find our own luxury mobile homes here at fantastic campsites.: 

Italy Luxembourg Austria The Netherlands In addition to the above campsites where our own mobile homes are, we also offer accommodations on other top campsites in ItalyCroatia and Spain. Here we work with partner organizations (campsites & tour operators) that pursue the same standards and values.

Estivotravel has been founded with a lot of experience in and knowledge of the camping industry, our goal is to offer you the best camping holiday that you can imagine. That means that your mobile home or lodge tent is fully equipped, since only the best is good enough for our guests! Curious what our guests say about Estivotravel? Read here what our guests think.

Meet the Estivotravel team

We would like to introduce the Estivotravel team to you. Every day we work with great pleasure to realize the best luxury camping holiday for you! With us you are not a number, our organization is small-scale, which means that we can take care of every detail in a personal way. We operate our mobile homes according to the good old principles, making effort to meet the needs of the guests. We look forward to seeing you at one of our campsites so that you can experience yourself how we deliver these promises and that you will experience an unforgettable holiday. 


Founder & Owner
Marcel Janssen - Oprichter & eigenaar
This entrepreneurial all-knower is Marcel Janssen, the founder and owner of Estivotravel. Marcel has been working in the camping industry since 2006; setting up tents & mobile homes, managing camp sites, marketing & sales, contracting camp sites, and managing his own tour operator is familiar territory for him. At the end of 2018, the time had come to make his dreams come true with Estivotravel! High end accommodations and real personal contact are one of the many spearheads, but also wanting to take that extra step is how Marcel sets itself apart. Nothing goes too far for Marcel to create the perfect camping holiday. Marcel is also the father of two lovely daughters and prefers to go on a camping holiday with his family in Italy.


HR Manager
Marianne - reisadviseur
Marianne preferably goes on holiday with her caravan about three times a year. A true camper who has turned her hobby into her work. She deals with human resources policy every day. From carrying out the personnel management, such as maintaining personnel data, drafting employment contracts, keeping track of changes in collective labor agreement and legislation, up to coordinating application procedures. Everyone is in good hands with Marianne. Marianne will do anything to help the employees as best as possible. Marianne also visits our campsites and the employees at the campsite every year.


Sales Manager
ellen - reisadviseur
Traveling is in Ellen's blood. Ever since her childhood, they would travel with their caravan behind the car to (re)discover destinations. With her many years of experience in the travel industry, Ellen knows our destinations and can give you the best advice. Italy is her favorite European destination, where she enjoys a cold Prosecco or a delicous, authentic Italian dish. Besides the European destinations, Ellen is also a lover of long-distance travel. Together with her husband she has already visited various continents, an adventure that they now want to continue with their 2 children.


Operations Manager
The right man can make a good job out of any job. And that's exactly why Patrick is responsible for our entire fleet at Estivotravel. From technical maintenance to the complete installation of new mobile homes on location. Patrick expertly guides the entire process from A to Z. With great pleasure he ensures that everything in the accommodations is 100% in order for our guests. Where Patrick usually works in the Netherlands in the winter, he is completely at home in wonderful Italy for the rest of the year with his Burgundian, but sporty heart. Together with his partner, he has a piece of land in the hills of Lake Garda where, one day, a beautiful Agriturismo can be found.


Purchasing & Operations Support
For many years Kees has worked at the railways and brought this experience to the young Estivotravel. Kees takes on every day, with great pleasure, all operational matters that ensure that guests can enjoy a carefree holiday. Just after the high season, Kees has already set his eyes on the necessary tasks to ensure that everything is taken care of at the camp site. If Kees goes on holiday, he prefers to be in a warm place surrounded by family.


The campsite and Bart. We can speak of love at first sight. At a young age, going on a camping holiday was the thing that was being looked forward to all year and that is no different today. What could be better than being able to BBQ in Italy and drinking a local wine? With great pleasure Bart brings the perfect holiday experience to the guests, online and offline. Maybe you will meet Bart this year when he is on location to create content and/or eat a delicious fiorentina steak.


Content Marketeer
Lisa creates and promotes content every day to further improve the entire guest experience from start to finish. Because she has stayed at our campsites several times, Lisa knows better than anyone how to communicate the campsite to the guests via text and image. For example, Lisa creates catchy e-mail campaigns, shares attractive posts on Estivotravel's social media channels and optimizes the content on the website. Because of this, Italy never feels far away. Her love for the beautiful country Italy has only grown after living in Rome. When Lisa has a weekend off, she is immediately looking for plane tickets for a weekend away.


Sales Agent

Aline has been staying on campsites ever since her childhood. It is therefore not surprising that Aline has stuck around in this industry. Aline enjoys her work in sales and she likes to pass on her passion to our guests. Every day she is committed to ensure that every guest has a top holiday via Estivotravel. Aline loves to go on holiday and visit the most special places. In the future, Aline would like to discover many more beautiful places. She prefers to be found in a different destination every month as she can really enjoy all the different cultures.


Sales Agent

After working for four summers at a campsite in sunny Tuscany, it was inevitable that Nick started working for a tour operator that specializes in camping holidays. With a love for Italy and passion for camping holidays, he tries to find the ideal camping holiday for you. When you get Nick on the phone, you can feel the enthusiasm coming through the phone. Outside office hours Nick mainly spends his time cycling and playing squash. In addition to an annual holiday to a campsite in Italy, he can also be found on the ski slopes in Austria for at least 1 week every winter.


Sales Agent
Ever since she was a little girl, Stefanie went camping with her parents. After she finished her tourism study she worked at a travel agency and a tour operator. Stefanie has also lived in the sunny Lloret de Mar and worked at a hotel reception. Camping is something she never stopped doing. She already visited multiple countries but Italy and Spain are her favorites. She likes nothing more than to bring her excitement over to the guests. That is what she does with all pleasure.


Allround employee

For many years, Noortje has been visiting various destinations during her vacations. Traveling around the world is really something that fits her. Besides the fact she’s studying tourism, she would like to gain work experience which is perfectly possible at Estivotravel. Noortje always really liked working with people, and besides that she loves to help people find their perfect vaction. She would also really enjoy visiting the various campsites in the future. During her days off, Noortje is always busy looking at her next vacation destination in order to see as much of the world as possible. She puts in the best effort to help guests with their questions and to make sure everything is going the way the guest wants it to go.


Allround employee
Kristel has always been looking for the best holidays and destinations. She's always organized the family vacation since she was a child. She likes to take care of every detail. In her free time, while she is not at work, she always looks for new and unknown destinations. Instead of all the crowded places, she likes to go to the unexplored region’s where not many people have been. She gained a lot of experience in the tourism industry during her internships at various campsites and bungalow parks. Because she grew up in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, she also speaks quite a bit of German. Kristel enjoys working in a holiday atmosphere and arranging an unforgettable holiday.