Welcome to Estivotravel, we are proud to welcome you in our world of luxury camping holidays. Estivo Travel is a new camping tour operator, with a small team at our office in Breda. We work hard to realize the best camping holiday for you.

Estivo does not just sound like summer, it als means summer in Italian, perhaps our most favorite holiday destination. It is not accidental that you will find our own luxury mobile homes here at 3 campsites:  We offer you also the best of the best in Croatia. Here we work with partner organizations that pursue the same norms and values:
  • Camping Santa Marina, a small and luxurious 5-star campsite near Porec
  • Camping Lanterna, a lively family campsite with all the facilities you can wish
  • Camping Valkanela, right on a sandy beach, luxurious and spacious lodge tents with all comfort 
  • Camping Park Umag, luxurious and spacious family campsite where we offer beautiful mobile homes directly by the sea
Estivotravel is founded with a lot of experience in and knowledge of the camping industry, our goal is to offer you the best camping holiday that you can imagine. That means that your mobile home or lodge tent is fully equipped, only the best is good enough for our guests!

With us you are not a number, our organization is small-scale, which means that we can take care of every detail. We operate our mobile homes according the good old principles, where we do everything we can to meet the needs of our customers. We look forward to seeing you back at one of our campsites so you can experience how we live up to these promises and you will experience an unforgettable holiday.
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