For bookings that made via our website, we need your personal details. We understand that you want to know what we do with these details. Estivotravel values your privacy. That is why we explain what we do with your personal details.

Which details do we collect?
We only collect the information that you provide us with. These are the details we need for a booking: first name, last name, address, postcode, city, telephone number and e-mail address. When paying the booking we also receive your bank account number. In addition to this personal data, we also receive your IP address. This is automatically delivered during a visit to our website. Your IP address is important for the correct operation of our website.

What do we do with the details?
The details you enter are exclusively used for our services to give you an unforgettable holiday. We use your personal details to manage your booking and provide you with relevant information. We do not give your details to a third party. In some cases, your name and email address will be shared with the booked campsite. They can then provide you with a personal check-in document, which will make your check-in smoother.

How long do we keep your personal details?
We have to keep our administration for 7 years for the tax authorities. This also includes the invoices with your details. After the storage period of 7 years we destroy your details.