Campingholiday at Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. The island is known for its miles of beaches, clear blue sea and beautiful nature parks. The clear blue sea invites you to snorkel as the sea is full of beautiful fish. Prefer to take a walk? Then this is possible in the many bays and caves that the island has. The coast has something to offer for everyone!

The inland consists mainly of forests and mountains. In Gennargentu National Park you can climb beautiful mountains and even spot wildlife such as deer's, wild boars, foxes, eagles and much more! During the walk you can pick a nice picnic spots between the rocks.

When you think of Italy, you naturally also think of the delicious cuisine. In the many towns there are countless restaurants and bars where Sardinian specialties can be eaten and drunk.

The inhabitants of Sardinia value politeness. They like it when tourists adapt to their customs. Good to practice a word of Italian while on a holiday in Sardinia!

Campsites at Sardinia

Must see at Sardinia:

  • Imagine yourself in the Seychelles on the beautiful Spiaggia della Pelosa
  • Search the ancient petroglyphs in the Bue Marino caves
  • Climb the volcanic rock to the medieval town of Castelsardo
  • Spot flamingos at the salt lakes in the Gulf of Orosei
  • Adventurers visit the giant tombs from Coddu Vecchiu's prehistoric times
  • Enjoy delicious regional dishes, such as 'Porceddu' (piglet on a spit)

About Sardina:

Capital city: Cagliari
Surface area: 9,305 sq mi
Inhabitans: 1,65 million
Highest point: Punta Marmora (1,14mi)
Climate: Subtropical, Mediterranean
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