Camping holiday at Pag

Pag is an island in the Adriatic Sea, belonging to Croatia. It is the third largest island in Kvarner Bay. Through the Paski bridge you will experience what it is like to reach the island in the 90s. This was the only connection with the mainland for many years. Meanwhile you can also easily reach the island by ferry.

The island has a completely different landscape than the mainland of Croatia. If you drive from the mainland to Pag it looks like a lunar landscape. A large part of the island has no vegetation, only beautiful white rocks and fields. The other part is very green, with beautiful beaches. An ideal place for beach lovers.

The history can also be seen on the island. In the capital Pag there are many old churches to visit, the 15th century palace of the Duke of Pag and an old defense tower. In one of the cozy restuarants you end the day with a Pag delicacies; the island is known of its delicious lamb. Because the island is covered with a layer of sea salt, the lambs get this inside. This gives the lamb a special taste, which you should definitely try.

Must see on Pag:

  • Admire the handwork with which the famous lace is made at the lace school
  • The remains of the Roman time in the old city Cissa
  • Visit one of the festivals in the 'Ibiza of Croatia'; Novalja
  • Special: the sheep cheese a true delicacy by the salty grass that the sheep eat
  • The underground aquaduct, which smells like Roman times
  • Go to a theater performance in the fort Skrivanat

About Pag:

Capital: Pag
Inhabitants: 8000
Surface: 284 km²
Island group: North Dalmatian archipelago
Language: Croatian

Campsites on Pag

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