East Slovenia

Camping holiday in East Slovenia

An outdoor holiday in the untouched nature. When you are visiting eastern Slovenia that will be your expectation. The wide rolling hills combined with the hospitality of the Slovenian inhabitants and the colorful villages are just a reasons why you should visit this region.

Eastern Slovenia consists of the regions of Stajerska, Koroska and Prekmurje. In addition to the many vineyards, you will also find the oldest city in the country, the city of Ptuj here. This atmospheric city is characterized by the castle that protrudes high above the city and the colorful carnival masks.

Campsites in East Slovenia

Must see in East Slovenia:

  • Walk the fairytale path in the Gorjanci hills
  • Visit the castle of  Brežice
  • Discover the region around Čatež with its castles and wine
  • Visit Slovenia's oldest town: Ptuj
  • The city of Lasko with its springs and brewing tradition on the river Savinja
  • Hike through the Savinja Alps with the medieval towns

About East Slovenia:

Well know from: The many thermal springs
Cities: Ptuj, Slovenia's oldest town
Winter sports: Pohorje mountain and the city of Maribor
Recommendation: The wine region of Podravje
Thermal springs: 16
Nearby: Zagreb (Croatia)
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