Campsites in France

Viva la France

When thinking of France, you will immediately think of baguettes, croissants, cheese and wine. These are very important elements and of course also very tasty! However, this country has a lot more to offer than just that. France is a very diverse country, offering different coastal areas, beautiful mountains and different climates.

The French are known to be proud of their country, and rightly so. In France, there is something for everyone. Discover this beautiful country from one of our top campsites!

If you are looking for the perfect beach holiday, go to the southeast coast of the country where there is a Mediterranean climate. In the Languedoc and Cote d'Azur there are plenty of possibilities to relax on one of the many beaches. These regions are known to have warm summers. In addition, these regions are also known for their delicious fish dishes, such as a platter de fruits de mer.


Campsites in France

Must see in France:

  • Go to the island Mont Saint-Michel by foot at low tide to keep your feet dry.
  • Feel the romance in Paris; visit the many sights or have a walk along the Seine
  • Climb the Giant of Provence, namely the Mont Ventoux
  • Be sportive in the Gorges du Verdon
  • View the history of the Second World War in Normandy
  • Go back to the Middle Ages in the fortified city of Carcassonne

About France:

Capital: Paris
Population: 62.814.233
Surface area: 551.500 km
Longest river: Loire (1021 km)
Language: French
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