Camping at the beautiful Adriatic coast

Camping on the Italian sea

Italy is a peninsula, which means that it has many coastal areas. In Italy there are many campsites by the sea. Most campsites also provide a swimming pool, making it the ideal place for real water lovers. 

Because the coastlines of Italy are very long, you have he opportunity to stay in different environments and landscapes. It is also very nice to combine the days on the beach with the beautiful sights that Italy has to offer. Because of the wide range, there is something for everyone.

Estivo Travel offers campsites on the Adriatic coast and the Tuscan coast. The Adriatic coast is elongated and is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. Of course with the possibilities to make trips to Venice. The Tuscan coast, on the other hand, offers a good combination of beach and culture. Tuscany has overwhelming landscapes and ancien sights.

Popular campsites by the sea in Italy

Camping on the Croatian sea

Croatia is known for its long coastline with infinite islands and picturesque harbors. The clear blue sea invites you to snorkel and escape into the underwater world.

From many harbors you have the opporunity to enjoy a boat trip along the many islands. Maybe you will see dolphins on the way! When you come back you have the opportunity to enjoy the local specialities in a cozy restaurant.

All campsites of Estivo Travel are located by the sea. So you have the opportunity to enjoy the many sunhours and the wonderful climate hat Croatia has. Let's have a sunny holiday!

Popular campsites by the sea in Croatia

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